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Night cometh soon
When none shall see
The fountain rush
From thine heart

You've been a rock
For all the world
The time has come
To take a break

Let slip the smile
You hide behind
Throw a fit
Cry a ton

It is not a shame
To feel this way
Be the weak
For just the night.

By Olorunyomi Oluwatoyosi


Underneath the billowing clouds, deep in blue,
the lone hawk soars, circling, wings spread,
the wind beneath in great majesty, tickling
the feathers as he glides over currents,
looking for a mate of his own to share
a life, loyal to the death, no other wish,
procreation to further his life, future be,
searching for the perfect mate to fill his time,
to give meaning for life he now wishes to share,
never more to wake on his own, a partner
to share his journey and tasks of every day,
no more loneliness to be for he wants more,
there he sees the one to fit on the top of a tree,
she is beautiful in his eyes and he has watched
from afar to know she will be the one he needs,
as he swoops down to her, he knows there is
no more strife alone but all to be shared, love
will be their dream shared and lived daily,
if he could smile, he would to her, giving life
to the love that beats within his heart for her,
tomorrow will be a treasure shared, always grow,
and as he lights beside her, they are complete,
they soar up to the heavens together, as one,
they are more, and as I watch them soar, happily,
partners to be and always there for each other,
you are the lone hawk I see soaring above, watching,
I know that I am lucky to be loved by and love you,
looking for the day, in the sky, we will be one, together.

I will never give up

Though the night is deep and dark,
the beauty that reigns above,lives,
the stars so brilliant, twinkling,
the moon hanging, a pearl, glowing,
only night sounds can be heard,
crickets chirping, loud, unseen,
night birds high in the trees,
the wind blowing over the land,
a stray plane high in the dark sky,
and the absence of laughter, slumber
now taking affect in the steady night,
a figure sits in the glow of the moon,
waiting, gazing perhaps, silent,
intently watching the full moon, never
taking his eyes from it, mesmerized
by the beauty of the heavens above,
but for the tears falling from his eyes,
there is such sadness from within,
lonely and waiting for the one he loves,
no word for war and circumstances
that be and yet still he waits for her,
a sad smile crosses his face as he
remembers loving words written,
embossed upon his heart, no more
his for it is hers and she has given
hers to him as well, silence deafening
to a lover from afar, cold, seizing
for the unknown but hope is alive
and always shall be
GOD has promised they will be together,
and he lives for the promise and
so does her, wishing and praying
for it all to be over neither gives up,
for they so believe in the living GOD
and his promise to be, two lovers
yearning to close the distance, to be,
a happily ever after is more than
a wish or dream, it is survival of both,
she looks to the moon and says a prayer,
than whispers, I love you my heart
and will forever, I am there for you,
and my love, I will never give up.


  1. Nice poem. The last one is so touching. Duke I've no idea u write poems too. Wow. You are doing good.

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    1. Thanks Miriam, I do have quite a number scattered all over my computer tho planning to publish soon. Bet you're enjoying the independence Hols


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