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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Over 2 million Android users downloaded this virus as normal App

You may be among the over two million Android users who have been fooled into downloading a strain of malware – hidden inside normal-looking apps on Google’s Play store.

The malware giveaway is that the app cannot be uninstalled – and allows hackers to remote-control infected devices.

The malware was hidden inside 45 game guides for games such as Pokemon and FIFA on Google’s official Play store for up to five months between 2016 and early this year, with several reaching 50,000 installs.

The app enables hackers to take ‘remote control’ of devices – and has been used to display bogus, illegal adverts in user’s devices, security researchers Check Point say.

But the FalseGuide malware could be used to control infected phones as a ‘botnet’ – using them to perform hack attacks against websites and networks.

Though CheckPoint researchers have notified Google of the malware, and the infected apps have since been remove from playstore.

CheckPoint says, ‘Depending on the attackers’ objectives, these modules can contain highly malicious code intended to root the device, conduct a DDoS attack, or even penetrate private networks.’


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