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Thursday, 29 December 2016

COMEBACK: Nokia plans to re-launch 5 old-school phones

NOKIA is set to make a huge comeback in 2017, the former market leader is set to re-launch 5 of her old-school mobile phones.

The Android phones will have 5” and 5.7” displays and the first set will be unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress tech show in February.

The former market leader fell from grace after the iPhone hit the market in the late noughties.

And while older Nokia models are worth an absolute fortune at auction, a return using the much-loathed Windows 10 operating system was a massive flop.

But it’s hoped that with the introduction of an Android operating system (and a new design team behind the scenes), the phones will be a hit with nostalgic gadget lovers.

Much likes its predecessors, the new devices will be cheap but durable.

It said the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual are “built to last” and promise the same battery power from the good old Nokia 3310 days.

They offer up to 22 hours talk time and 31 days standby.

It said the two phones — which come with classic games Snake and Nitro Racing — will be rolled out early next year.

And there are rumours they will be followed by three more smartphones, according to Gadget 360.

The announcement is hot on the heels of BlackBerry — another phone company trying to claw back lost custom for 2017.

It will release a top secret “evolutionary first” at upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas in January.

A leak of a handset dubbed “Mercury” with a Qwerty keyboard along with a touchscreen have been doing the rounds online.

Source: Th Sun

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