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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Chinese Mall erects Trump-like giant chicken Sculpture

OMG! You won't believe a Chinese shopping mall will be ringing in the new year 'The year of the rooster' with a giant sculpture of chicken that looks just like the United States President-elect Donald Trump.

China has gone cuckoo for the cartoonish pastiche - complete with orange pompadour - of the billionaire politician in Taiyuan, capital of the northern province of Shanxi.
Trump-like bird sculpture used by Chinese mall for 'Year of the Roost'

The scowling statue is one of many roosters popping up around the country as it prepares to celebrate the lunar new year at the end of January.

With its tiny wings parroting Trump's distinctive hand gestures, replicas of the bird are available on the Chinese shopping site Taobao for as much as 12,000 yuan ($1,700) for a 10-metre version.

Trump has captured the Chinese imagination, and riled its authorities, with his threats to talk turkey about massive tariffs on Chinese exports.

With his crowing tweets on Twitter, including attacks on China's foreign and economic policy, it is no surprise that the Chinese internet wants to give the strutting American leader the bird.

Earlier in the year, Chinese state media circulated a photo of a rooster with a feathery, golden mane that recalled Trump's infamous crest.

Source: YahooNews


  1. It seems not only Nigeria is mad about this man.

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  3. What a funny sculpture!!! I saw that in the Chinese review of EssaysMaster.com that it's the event of a year in social media. Everybody wants to make a photo with this bird and to write funny comment in the Instagram. Who is the author of this sculpture?

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