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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Top 7 Secret societies that are running the World

This post analyse top 7 of the most powerful secret societies that run the affairs of the world, These groups have forever remain a source of intrigue: What are they discussing, What influence are they exerting, What happens behind closed doors? See list of select organizations that have a definite effect on the world below:

1. The G8: Head of government from 8 greatest global powers which include the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, The United Kingdom, Italy and Canada. Major world decision are made in their meetings but kept a secret.

2. The Bavarian illuminati: A group from the 18th century devoted to the opposition of superstition and obscurantism.

3. Skull and Bones: The Yale fraternity is a gathering of the biggest names in American society from Goodyear, Kellogg to the Bush.

4. The Bilderberg Group: Top secret discussion group of the richest and most powerful in a select location each year.

5. The Freemasons: This secret society, whose members are selected in a meeting after an initiation ritual, essentially brings together men of common kinship who may favour each other in various political and economy sector.

6. The Opus Dei: A secret Catholic organization with thousands of members from the intellectual, political and economic elites supported by the Vatican. The group exerts an influence of several government.

7. The Knights of Columbus: This is another Christian-influenced fraternity, essentially devoted to charity work globally.


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  3. Well, the Great 8 definitely has the influence because they are... mmm... political organization, maybe? The leaders of biggest (and wealthiest) countries? And the rest are just speculations. I think so. I think you'd better write about how to write a proposal paper for college than about secret societies


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