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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The sun will destroy Earth sooner than you may think, say scientists

If what these Astrophysicists who have been calculating when the sun will destroy the earth is saying, is anything to go by then this is no good news as  'Armageddon will come sooner than expected.

Although the date range in which it is likely to happen is some 3.5 billion years from today — admittedly some time away — the process will happen far quicker than originally expected.

Jillian Scudder of the University of Sussex says that the sun is brightening by 10 per cent every billion years.

When the sun is 40 per cent brighter, it will have melted all the ice caps and stripped all moisture from the earth’s air. 

According to Business Insider, the sun survives by burning hydrogen atoms into helium atoms in its core.

It burns through 600 million tons of hydrogen every second —but as the sun’s core becomes saturated with this helium, it shrinks.

This causes nuclear fusion reactions to speed up, meaning that the sun spits out more energy.

In short, it’s going to get a whole lot warmer. 

Scudder told the website: "Once hydrogen has stopped burning in the core of the sun, the star has formally left the main sequence and can be considered a red giant. It will then spend about a billion years expanding and burning helium in its core, with a shell around it where hydrogen is still able to fuse into helium.

“The predictions for what exactly will happen to Earth as the Sun brightens over the next billion years are pretty uncertain. But the general gist is that the increasing heat from the sun will cause more water to evaporate off the surface, and be held in the atmosphere instead. 

“The water then acts as a greenhouse gas, which traps more incoming heat, which speeds up the evaporation.”

Fortunately, the earth is likely to be hit by an asteroid long before then. 

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