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Friday, 26 August 2016

I made £400k in 5 Months sleeping with Men, But i am not a prostitute.

A transgender teenager who begin her transition from male to female at a tender age of 16, recently claimed to have been paid to sleep with over 300 married men - earning £40,000 in just five months.

Tashion EJ Taylor, 19, from Cheshire, who was born a boy, said she was looking to find acceptance.

In January this year she first went on dating sites - even though she did not expect to receive any responses. However, to her surprise, within 24 hours she was inundated with messages from interested admirers.

The positive reception from the online community gave Tashion comfort and it persuaded her to respond to her growing list of suitors.

Her phone was constantly vibrating with new notifications from men aged between 30 to 50.

Within a month of signing up to three websites - Craiglist, We Love Dates and Your Lovers - Tashion agreed to meet her first admirer, a 40-year-old married doctor, for a coffee. 

She said: 'I had been completely open about being pre-op transgender and really didn't think anyone would be interested in me.

'Since living as a woman from age 16 I'd never experienced that acceptance. I yearned for it.'

Tashion first came out as gay at 13, but quickly realised that she was in the wrong body, and started cross-dressing three years later. 

She says: 'I'd been bombarded with messages and seemed to attract a particular man. Older, married and usually with children.

'Of course I felt a bit guilty, but when I met them and talked through their back stories I actually felt sorry for them. 

'These men were closeted and not able to express their real selves. I'd been there and could sympathise.'

Four months after uploading her digital profile, she took the next step and started having sexual relationships.

Tashion explains: 'I took it slow at first, enjoying their company and keeping it casual. But in April I took the plunge and decided to start sleeping with them.

'I finally feel confident and able to be the real me.

'The men have become so attached and treat me like a princess, wanting to spoil and look after me.'

By June, Tashion was seeing 30 men a week and making £8,000 a month - as some of the married men would pay £400 to spend just two hours with her.

She reveals: 'I never set out to make money, but when they started offering it just became so easy. Looking good comes at a cost, so the money is welcome.

'I don't feel like I'm a prostitute. I don't stand on a street corner and I don't ask for it.

'I get bombarded with offers and interest from married men.
'You stop feeling guilty when you realise the pain they are suffering.'

In just five months she claims to have slept with 300 men, which is a tally that continues to rise.

Making a shocking £40,000, she is now saving for gender reassignment surgery.

Source: Dailymail

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