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Thursday, 9 June 2016

This App will stop you from Misplacing Your Keys, Wallet and More

Often time we misplaced our keys, wallet, mobile phones and other devices no matter how organized we are, it just happen and most time friends and family who aid you in the search for your wandering stuffs laugh at you if all along the stuffs you've been searching for were in your pocket. Well good news is now there are a growing number of helpful devices can save you the trouble of retracing your steps to locate your misplaced keys or wallet.

To pin down items that seem to wander away, including keys, glasses, a purse, and even a laptop or tablet, you can tag them with a Bluetooth tracker, such as Tile or TrackR Bravo, that pairs with a smartphone app—assuming you can find your phone. Tile’s 1.5-inch plastic square and TrackR’s 1.2-inch round plastic disc can easily attach to or slip inside items that you want to track. (To Download the Tile App on Google play Store  or TrackR Bravo on Google Play Store).

When a tagged item proves elusive, launch the app on your phone to see how far you are from the item or its last known location on a map. If you’re within 100 feet, you can make the tracking device ring so you can follow the sound. If you lose your phone, both Tile and TrackR work in reverse, allowing you to press a button on the device to make your phone ring—as long as your phone is nearby. To help you avoid leaving items behind, TrackR can be set to sound an alarm when there’s too much distance between your phone and the device.

Both devices’ batteries last about a year. TrackR’s watch battery is available online and at most grocery and hardware stores for about $3. Tile’s battery cannot be swapped out; you have to buy a new tile for $12 through the company’s replacement program.

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