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Monday, 13 June 2016

New Samsung Mystery Foldable Phone REVEALED.....

The much anticipated Samsung foldable smartphone now has a name. The mystery smartphone which was first reported in September 2015 is the Galaxy X.

The mystery smartphone codenamed "Project valley" is reported to come with an iris scanner,  meaning users will have the ability to encrypt and unlock the phone with their eyes.

Samsung’s foldable phone would be a huge technological marvel, this reason of this is simply because it’s not going to be foldable like a flip device neither will it have two separate screens. The Galaxy X would be bendable; the display would “actually” be foldable without damages. Now that's some great development in mobile gadgets and technology.

A report by ChristianDaily says the Samsung has filed a patent for this device and it includes a fingerprint scanner. While this looks super cool, we can’t be certain that the patent would come to life 100% on the Galaxy X, but it does leave a glimmer of hope that the phone will have an extra layer of security which could be an irish scanner or the fingerprint sensor.


  1. Really interesting article and so relevant in our time of ever increasing exposure to new gadgets, apps & devices...
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article !
    Without gadgets I can’t Imagine my life...

    1. Technology is truly shaping our world, i agree with you without all these gadgets i can't imagine getting stuffs done easily..Thanks for visiting


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