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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lenovo show off all new bendable Smartphones and Tablets

Wow first it was Samsung bendable smartphone, now Lenovo want you to bend your smart phone around your wrist, instead of tucking it away in your pocket or bag.

YouTube personality Meghan McCarthy showed off the flexible smartphone during during Lenovo's Tech World conference earlier this month, taking a pretty standard-looking smartphone and bending it around her wrist like a slap bracelet.
She then proceeded to take a tablet and bend it right in half to show how a tablet could also be comfortably used to take a phone call with bendable technology.

Lenovo SVP and CTO Peter Hortensius told the audience that the technology not only has a bendable screen, but also bendable hardware components like motherboards and batteries.
Lenovo did not announce any names or potential release dates for its new flexible electronics, although Hortensius mentioned that McCarthy should be careful with them because "they cost a little bit more than your average phone or tablet right now." 

So watch for the launch, which will likely be sometimes early 2017.

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  1. Am not so sure about wearing my phone on my arms like a wrist watch. Besides we have been warned several times to avoid long exposure/skin contact with mobile phones. However, I will like to get the bendable tablet. Cool


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