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Friday, 20 May 2016

You can now test the all new Android N OS beta version by Google

Meet the all new Android N operating system unveiled by Google at the opening event of the I/O conference.

The new operating system features which are too numerous to list, but Google promises the operating system will provide better performance, enhanced security, streamlined notifications, and most importantly, 72 new emojis.

Thought Android N is still in beta version right now, it's possible to try and have a look but the full version will be released to everyone this summer.

Unfortunately, if you want to try the beta, you'll need a Google device. The only devices eligible for the test are the Nexus 5X and 6P smartphones, the Nexus 7, 9 and Pixel C tablets, and the Nexus Player media player.

If you've got one of these devices, you can go to the Android Beta Programme website, log in to your Google account, and download and install the beta to your phone.

CAUTION: Beta version of softwares are pretty unstable and unpredictable than the final versions, So testing out the beta version may result in unstable and constant crashing of your device.

Another issue is, if you decide to opt out of the beta and go back to the version you had before, all your data will be wiped - so make sure you back up your phone first.

If there are problems, they should be fixed quickly. Google says the beta will be updated every four to six weeks until the official launch, and there'll be a healthy community of other beta users to get tips from online.

In the meantime i will suggest we all keep our fingers cross as we wait for the great operating system.

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