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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Jiji.ng: Which Tecno Smartphone To Choose?

Sponsored: In the past few years Tecno smartphones have taken the Nigerian mobile market by storm. Tecno went from a relatively unknown brand to one of the most sought after smartphone manufacturers in Nigeria. The wide range of Tecno smartphones includes dozens of models, from basic and affordable to high-end gadgets. If you’re determined to get a Tecno, but are still not sure which model to choose, here is your guide to Tecno smartphones.

Whether you’re planning to buy your first Tecno phone, or want to upgrade your old one, the most convenient and affordable way to do it is to go to Jiji.ng and check out their selection of Tecno Mobile Phones. Here you can buy gadgets and other products from real sellers without overpaying and with zero risks.

Tecno Q1

Although full-screen smartphones have surpassed other form factors in popularity, some users still feel like QWERTY-keyboard BlackBerry phones were particularly convenient and good looking. The same users will definitely appreciate Tecno Q1, a full keyboard-enabled smartphone with a 2.6” touchscreen and Android 4.0. Extra features include 5MP rear and 0.3MP front camera (both flash-enabled), 512MB RAM, and GPS, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Tecno F6

Tecno F6 is a major upgrade to the already popular Tecno F5 with every characteristic improved. Thanks to its advanced build and high quality Tecno F6 can compete with the leading smartphones in the market. The first thing that catches your attention is the colourful and sharp 4.7” touchscreen display, although the Quad-core processor, the 8MP/5MP dual camera, 16GB memory and attractive design are what charms buyers the most.

Tecno N3

Even though it may seem like Tecno smartphones have been around forever, in fact the first Android-based Tecno gadget was Tecno N3. Now it’s one of the best selling budget smartphones in Nigeria, not only thanks to its historical significance, but also thanks to a decent set of characteristics, which include a 3.5” LCD display, expandable memory (up to 32GB), 512MB RAM, and a decent front and rear camera.

Tecno H3

If you’re mostly used to black Android smartphones, Tecno H3 will pleasantly surprise you with the soft touch silver and white body and a more durable screen compared to previous models. Other advantages of Tecno H3 include high-res front and back cameras, a bright and detailed 3.5” display, and improved battery life. Despite its advanced characteristics, Tecno H3 is as affordable as any other Tecno smartphone today.

Tecno S5

For users who need to be able to use two SIM cards at the same time, Tecno S5 is one of the best options if you take the advanced features and affordable price into account. Tecno S5 shares a lot of its characteristics with other similarly priced Tecno models: most importantly, the 1.3GHz processor, the 5MP flash-equipped rear camera, 4.5” display, 3G connectivity, and the latest version of Android being ready for download.

Tecno L8

Weak battery has been a problem for smartphone users for quite a while, and this problem is aimed to be solved by Tecno L8. The powerful 5050 mAh battery is sure to last you at least a day of constant use. But the improved battery is not all this model has to offer, because the 5.5” display, 8MP auto-focus rear camera, 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and stunning metallic design are more than enough to convince buyers that Tecno L8 is worth their attention.

Tecno Phantom Z A7

It’s true that Tecno is mostly known for its affordable models, but the high-end smartphones from the brand can be truly groundbreaking in terms of style and performance. Check out the Tecno Phantom Z A7, one of the most advanced Tecno smartphones to date. The highly durable HD AMOLED display, 2GB RAM, 16MP/8MP cameras and a resilient battery Tecno Phantom Z A7 has everything you could ever want from a smartphone in one highly attractive body.

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