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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Google wants to inject gadgets into your eyes

Oops! Google applies for patent for its new gadget to improve your vision and guess what they want to INJECT the damn gadgets into your eyes.

Google’s patent filing for April 28 is for a gadget described as an “inter-ocular device”. Can't believe we are gradually edging towards having real cyborg eyes...

This includes a sci-fi sounding electronic lens designed to be installed in a flexible polymeric material to fit inside the surface of an eye’s lens capsule by solidifying the fluid in the capsule. Please excuse us, as we’re getting a bit queasy.

According to Google’s patent, forces exerted upon it by the lens capsule can control the electronic lens’ optical power. This looks like it will help with vision correcting, by assisting with the focusing of light onto an eye’s retina.

According to the Inquirer, "The patent states the device’s power will come from an internal battery charged by an "energy harvesting antenna". We don’t know what that energy will be, but if Google thinks it can start sucking up our brainwaves then we’re moving all our browsers back to Explorer".

To keep things firmly on the creepy tech side, Goggle’s patent also looks to get the device to interface with an external computer, through the ambiguous-sounding “interface device”, which looks to use an antenna to beam data from sensors on the electronic lens to a separate system. Yeah, things are getting weird here.

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