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Saturday, 21 May 2016

4 new Google Apps/Products that will work on your iPhone

If you're a BIG fan of Google apps and its other products but use iPhone but you've always wanted Google apps on your iPhone, Well here i have some good news as Google had announced at the I/O conference that a handful of their apps and products will work with your iPhone when they come out later this year.

Here's a list of new Google apps and products will work with your iPhone:

You're an iPhone owner, so you know what Facetime is -- and that's basically Duo. Duo is a standalone video-chatting app that you'll be able to download for iOS later this year.
Why would you want it if you have Facetime? For one, you'll be able to video-chat with anyone who has the app (not just iOS users). Google also promised that, even if your connection is spotty, the call won't drop. (I'm looking at you, Skype.)
But the biggest difference is a creepy little feature called Knock Knock. When someone calls you with Duo, you'll be able to see their video feed even before you answer the call. If Knock Knock is designed to make me less likely to ignore my parents' calls, it'll work. You win, Google. 


If Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and OK Google had a baby, Allo would be it. The messaging app will be available for iOS, so you can send disappearing messages while booking dinner reservations with your friends, no matter what device they're on.
The app does a lot, so if I end up downloading it, it's likely something I'd use instead of -- not in addition to -- Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Now all I have to do is get my friends on board. 

Android Wear

Android Wear -- Google's operating system for smartwatches -- got a huge upgrade. Watches running the new software will be able to function without being connected to a phone. And it'll work for Android watches paired with an iPhone, too.
That means you can do things like play music, make calls, track your fitness, and send messages when you leave your phone behind. It works by having the watch connect to Wi-Fi independently and downloading apps to the watch itself, instead of relying on your phone's connection.
The Apple Watch has seen some success, but there are a few things that are hard to get past -- the lack of design options (where's my round Apple Watch?), the cluttered interface, and its lagginess. Android Wear's better support for iOS is very much welcome. 

Google Home

If you've ever used OK, Google, you know how fast and helpful the personal assistant is. Today Google announced it's building that assistant into a hub called Google Home, and if you have an iPhone, you'll likely be able to enjoy most of its features, too.
Since Google's voice assistant -- Google Now -- already works with iPhone, commands like playing music and controlling smart-home devices should work no matter what device you have.
Google hasn't yet detailed its iPhone compatibility plans, but it's likely that phone-dependent commands -- like sending text messages and making calls -- will work only with Android. That is, unless you're using Allo or Duo.


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