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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

100-Year-Old Lady Is Actively Leading World's Largest Women's Organization

Good genes or GRACE! Read the amazing story of 100-year-old Janki Kripalani aka Dadi Janki, who leads the world's largest women's organization. She's been around for a whole CENTURY and is still actively holding the responsibilities of world's largest spiritual organization known as The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual organization, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. 

Young, fresh and enlightened. She wakes at 3 am, meditates for a few hours, conducts the spiritual class, takes a light breakfast, gives time to the people who wait for hours just to see her. And in daytime, she takes a bit rest and again attends meditation class in the evening. At the end of the day, she spends some quality time on the Internet after a light dinner. This is how she spends her usual days.

You might wonder but let's accept that this world has got some extraordinarily amazing humans who are nourishing humanity on the earth.

She came in association with Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Organization during her 20s. She started learning meditation and spirituality and since then, decided to dedicate her whole life to working for the welfare of mankind.

Brahma Kumari organization offers spiritual knowledge and inspire people to have a contented life.

This organization is handled by women and is the largest women-leading organization. 

Lekhraj Kripalani, founder of the organization left his body in 1969 and Dadi Prakashmani owned the responsibilities.Later when she passed away in 2007, since then, Dadi Janki is actively leading the organization.

BKWSU has its more than 10,000 branches in more than 100 countries in the world.

Dadi ji calls herself a companion of God and she justifies it perfectly.

Dadi ji travels all around the world to shower her blessings and love not only to the people but also to the nature.

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