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Monday, 11 April 2016

Zapata Racing launches flying Hoverboard

A new terrifying mode of transportation is set to debut soon courtesy on Jet skier Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing. The Flyboard is an evolution in hoverboard technology that will soon hit market and will most definitely put all those exploding hoverboards to shame, but don't get too excited as the boards will not launch in 2016 according to a YouTube video of its prototype's first run uploaded on Saturday.

In the video, Zapata launches himself high over a body of water — and survives with a smooth landing.

Aptly dubbed the Independent Propulsion Unit, the literal hoverboard can ride for 10 minutes to a frightening top speed of 93.2 miles per hour, according to the YouTube video. 

Getting humans to fly isn't entirely new ground for Zapata and his company, since they rolled out the water jetpack Flyboard in 2011, Gizmag reported. Unlike the attachment-free Flyboard Air, the original Flyboard was linked to a jet ski using a thick hose, which would use the water to launch the rider into the air.  See Video below:

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