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Saturday, 23 April 2016

How to get massive traffic from Facebook

The dream of every blogger to have massive traffic, but along the line you find out that you get little or no traffic at all. Well you're not alone.
So today i will be discussing with you guys 'The best method to land more traffic from social media'.
How to get traffic from Facebook.

Sometimes last year, the number of people that uses Facebook peaked at 1 billion in a single day and the number will only increase because Facebook is the undisputed giant of social media. So if you are thinking of getting traffic you have to join other bloggers and website owners who are already getting huge traffic from the social media site. Getting traffic from search engines are not an easy task and it takes some time. On the other hand traffic from sites like Facebook comes instantly and you don’t have to put a lot of effort in it.

Today i will only be discussing how to get traffic from Facebook Groups "These are communities where you can share your contents after the admin approval'. Many of these groups will not allow website promotion links in their groups. There are many Facebook groups who have millions of members and posting your website link in these groups can get thousands of users to your website or blog. We are going to tell you that how can you put your post in these groups without any spam warning.

(Warning) Posting Your Website Links without any Spam Warning

To get traffic from a Facebook group you have to post related to what the group, you are posting in, is all about. Otherwise it might be a waste of time and you would not get any good amount of traffic to your site. Here we are going to share a list of different niche Facebook groups with you. Follow these simple steps and get huge amount of Facebook traffic to your blog/website.

First you have to gather the email addresses that Facebook gives to all these groups you want to post in. There may be more than one email for a group we need just one from every group. These emails are the sources of posting to these groups.

Collect around 50 email addresses from the most famous groups of your niche to send an email. Otherwise select as many emails as you can to get more and more traffic. After getting these emails address follow the steps below:

Step 1: You have to create an email address from Gmail it should be for this purpose for your safety.
Step 2: Using this emails address create a Facebook account join the groups and collect the email address from these groups as well.
Step 3: After getting approved from these groups create or compose an email that you would send to these groups as a post.
Step 4: Include your link or whatever you want to post and add all the emails of Facebook groups to the recipients’ email address field.
Step 5: add a brief subject to the email and send the email. This email will be sent to all these groups immediately.

Make sure that you are sending emails to those groups in which you are a member. It is a very high speed work and will be finished in seconds. Check your posts after doing this if you want to confirm the posts.

It is a very fast way to get huge traffic from Facebook without any spam warnings. If you follow the steps i can assure you that your post can reach as many as a million people in a day, as you can post your links to 600 groups or more within a very little time.

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