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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Health: 10 Home Remedies or Hack for Bad Breath

Do you have bad breath or halitosis, having bad breath can be quite embarrassing and the problem is people just gossip it behind you and never tell you about this on your face. Well worry no more because everyone suffers from bad breath at certain point of their life and you might not even be aware of it.

Today i will be giving some easy hacks that can make your breath smell fresh all day but the first step is of course to test if you have bad breath.

Testing for Bad Breath:

1. The Color Test

The easiest way to find if you have bad breath is to find out what color your tongue is. If your tongue is pink, then your breath is probably fresh. If your tongue is yellow or white in color, then it's likely that bacteria have been partying on your tongue causing the bad breath. 
2. The Lick Test

To test the front part of your tongue, lick the back part of your hand and let it dry for few seconds. Smell the area where you licked. The smell you get is probably the smell others get when you are around them.
3. The Spoon Test

The spoon test is effective in testing the back part of your tongue. Simply use a spoon or a tongue scraper to scrape the back of your tongue. Smell the spoon, if it doesn't smell good, then you are probably having bad breath. 

Simple hacks and home remedy to get rid of Bad Breath:

1.  Chew Lemon, Orange rind or Mint.
2. Gargle and hydrate
Gargling with salt water is an easy way to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. Keep yourself hydrated.
3. Pop Antacids.
One of the causes of bad breath can be your stomach. Antacids and acid-blockers may ease sore or acidic stomach that may lead to an improvement in the way your breath smells.
4. Scrape the Tongue
Tongue scraping may be helpful if your tongue is coated with a buildup of debris, bacteria, and dead cells.
5. Eat an Apple
Apples, Carrots and celery all scrub your teeth as you eat, according to Readers Digest.
6. Turn on the Humidifier.
It helps in maintaining proper moisture levels in your home. Dry air causes dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath.
7. Swap out the Coffee.
Coffee can be a significant cause of bad breath. Also, excess green tea can actually cause bad breath.
8. Don't use mouthwash much.
The mouth contains both good and bad bacteria's. Mouthwash might also eliminate the bacteria which might be keeping your mouth healthy. So, excessive usage of mouthwash can be bad.
9. Clean your dentures.
“If you wear dentures, be sure to remove them at night and clean them thoroughly before replacing them the next morning.” American Dental Association.
10. Swish with Coconut oil.
“Pull the oil back and forth through your teeth for three to five minutes. This helps restore gum health and destroys odor-causing bacteria, while preserving good bacteria.”  says Prof. Ellen Kamhi.
Credit: Wikihow, WittyFeed

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