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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Want to make money and grow your blog, think Kingged.com.

As you know by now that there are about 120 million or more sites/blogs online competing for relevance and to be heard online. And more blogs is being set up as you read this article.

Setting up a blog is as easy as ABC but getting traffic to that blog is a difficult task but i have a good news for you today. Have you heard of KINGGED.COM? Well if you've not. kingged.com is a mega internet marketing social site built for bloggers, Search Engine Optimization experts (SEO), internet marketers, affiliates and webmaster. So if you're looking to grow your blog, connect with SEO experts, webmasters and get massive traffic think KINGGED.

4 Reasons why every Blogger must key into Kingged.com

1. Make money with Kingged Giveaway:
The ultimate dream of every blogger is to make money while doing what you love! right. Well kingged.com conduct giveaway every month and all you have to do to make up to $500 or more on Kingged is: Connect to the site, Drop relevant comment on post and win cash prizes that Kingged set aside for commentators and social media users.

2. Juicy Contextual-link building/Backlink:
An improved seo means Google will rank you higher and getting relevant and juicy contextual link or backlinks is the key to growing your seo ranking. kingged is one of the bookmarking sites that offer dofollow and a link from a site like KINGGED is a sure way to improve your site seo.

3. Getting more views and Traffics:
Submitting links of your latest and good blog post in the relevant section category on Kingged. After submitting up-vote(kingg) the article you just posted, other kingged users will also be able to kingg or unkingg the post after reading it. your new post will be featured on the top page and you will be sent relevant traffic based on the kingg votes it get.

4.Increased Blog Comment:
Worried about zero comment on your blog post, let Kingged do the magic. Just publish that post with zero comment on Kingged and watch your blog comment and seo ranking go up.

So if you haven't joined KINGGED the time is now, Be smart and make cool cash just dropping comments on Kingged.com, while you grow your own blog, It's free to join and use. It's also important that you read the rules and regulation of the site.


  1. Smart advert here. I will give it a trial.

    Thanks for sharing Duke



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