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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

PHOTOS: Monstrous fish baffles Chinese fishermen

Check out this monstrous fish caught by a Chinese fisherman in Guandong Province, south China.

According to local media reports, Mr Leung was working on the West River in Guangdong Province when he caught a monster fish that looks similar to a garfish or a paddlefish.

Recalling the day he first saw the bizzare animal Mr Leung said: “I suddenly felt my net become really heavy and then I saw the large fish. It had a slender head and its whole body looked black with a white belly.”

The 76cm fish that looks like an horror movie creature looks like a combination of a fish and a crocodile, as it has two full rows of shark-like fangs and crocodile-like occlusion.

Mr Leung, who has been working as a fisherman for more than two decades, did not eat the fish as he was unsure of the fish's origin.

The unusual fish has been temporarily placed in a fish tank in a local restaurant for visitors and tourists to wonder. Wildlife experts believe the fish is most likely an alligator gar or paddlefish.

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