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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

MUSING: Trending issues in Nigeria

Quotes of the day:
"Nigeria supports the aspiration of Palestine towards self determination" - Buhari.
"Nigeria supports the bid of the Western Sahara towards self determination" - Buhari.
"Nigeria will not tolerate Biafra" - Buhari.
"A serious Government will fix the power problem in six months". - Babatunde Fashola (2014)
"The countless man hours that will be spent at the petrol station today, will reduce our productivity as a nation. This should not be so" - Muhammadu Buhari (2014)

So yesterday our Senators decided kick against the gender equality bill? Are you expecting anything different from a senate where 'a debate about marrying made in naija women is promoted', A senate where a bill for consensual sex at age 13 is passed and where an influential senator got married to a 13-year-old? I guess your answer is a capital NO.

You can only hear the reason why the bill could not pass second reading in a country like Nigeria, where common sense is not common, 'It's against our culture, it's against our religion.' So this bunch of charlatans are telling us that our women are only good for the bedroom and kitchen ehn?..

And now about the quotes: How tactless can a government be or how do we describe this, Before you toothless wailers start attacking me, i will love to state that i am not in anyway supporting Biafra, but will love to point out to you and ask if you have seen David Cameron of Britain support the Catalan bid for self determination from Spain, or Venice from Italy? Because he knows that will feed the Scottish separatists with ammunition for their aim.
Where have you seen Mariano Rajoy of Spain support the Scottish bid for self determination? He doesn't, because he knows he is facing the Catalonia separatist movement in his own country.
Sometimes, silence is more wisdom than opening one's buccal cavity because one always has to be heard.
You cannot have your citizens being shot with live munitions for daring to ask self determination yet you as the leader goes live on television to support a foreign agitator for self determination. I hope those handling President Buhari's stuffs will read this sha.

Oga BRF, Are you telling us now that your government is not serious ehn. If you forget, note the internet don't forget. Thanks to social media. Nigerians are now very much alive to make up for all the deficiencies.

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  1. I sincerely pray for Nigeria my country to be delivered from the hands of confused leaders - Amen



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