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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

MUSING: Naija i hail o, State of the Nation.

A lot happened this past week in Nigeria, From Ese Oruru abduction saga to queues that resurfaced in Petrol stations across the nation and then the Scottish Bagpipe welcome for President Muhammadu Buhari and many more issues that has been trending in the social media.
Firstly, I am giving a BIG thumbs up to the Nigeria social media community on the rescue of Ese Oruru..We did it, I hope and pray we will start acting when necessary so we can keep this charlatans on their toes.

Now it is clear that 'you can only  underestimate the power of social media at your own peril.'

I don't know if any other Nigerian is on the same page with me on the recently uncovered abduction saga, that involves forceful kidnapping or should i say marriage of underage girls, who then end up in palaces. 

I saw a piece online where someone raised a conspiracy theory of the possibility that the missing Chibok girls may actually be located in Palaces across Nigeria, and with Ese Oruru and  Patience Paul's case, the theory may not be looking too far fetched.

And what is it with the queues at gas stations again this time, i guess we should blame Jonathan again. For 10 months now, we are still in the blame game of how the last regime failed to do the right thing and the price of every commodity seems to be skyrocketing. Abeg is Nigeria on a lock-down?

So we have always had Bagpipes since 1900 ehn, When will a slave mentality leave Africa for God sake? Can you imagine the British army clad in Ofi and Kijipa to welcome the British Prime Minister, Haba! APC wailers, Wearing a Scottish attire and musical paraphernalia in this day and age to welcome a Nigerian President on Nigerian soil constitutes a high form of colonial mentality, and a lack of imagination for a nation with many rich cultures.

We were all clamouring for #BuyNigeriaToGrowtheNaira but it seem not to be applicable to the goons in power. 

And yes, So finally the biggest Party in Africa (on Paper) has finally disintegrated, with the emergence of Peoples Mega Party (PMP) out of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Hmmmm i just wonder when or if we will ever get it right in this country, so if there's a little squabble in your party, the next thing is to jump boat or float a new party...All the big DEMOCRACIES we see around don't do whack stuffs like we have it here.

Finally, A note to President Buhari, i take God beg you sir, end your crisscrossing and junketing so you can work here in Nigeria where we voted for you ehn, Nigerians are already asking for their corruption back, because all wetin una dey form up there na common man e dey affect...


  1. God help us in this country.

    What with your blog Duke? The characters are so small now.

    Mily's blog

    1. My sister no mind me o, was working on viewport tweak ni jare, will revert to old look ASAP..


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