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Friday, 18 March 2016

Homeless man who lived in 'Hobbit-like' home asked to leave by site owners

A former Tesco worker, Daniel Pike, 28, who became homeless four years ago and now lives in a remote mud hut made from foraged materials including a leaf mattress has been ordered to leave by bosses at the Woodland Trust - who owns the site, where he built his 'Hobbit-like home.'

Daniel, created his house from clay and other items in the middle of Merry Hill forest, a 76-hectare stretch of woodland around two miles from Watford, north London.

Mr Pike has since vowed to stay at the house and declared: 'I won't be leaving.'
He added: 'I am not doing any harm to anyone here. I grew tired with modern life. I came out to the woods, starting in a tent and decided to build a home.' 
The former Tesco Extra worker said he was forced to build the house after suffering a nervous breakdown in 2012.

He discovered Carpenders Park after being made homeless and used materials from the wood - including clay from the riverbed - to erect a property, which can now be seen on Google Earth.
He said: 'When I first saw the land it was bare but I knew straight away it was perfect.' 
The house, which Mr Pike said took six months and seven attempts to build, also has solar panels on the roof, a bridge and garden, a bathing area and sitting area. 
Daniel's as captured on Google Earth.

He has even built a filter system from the stream that produces clean drinking water.
He added: 'We belong to the land, the land doesn’t belong to us. I don’t think I’m squatting.
'Through being spiritual, positive and adapting to the changes in life I have managed to get through these hard times and become a better person.
'No one knows I’m here. I am so proud of what I have achieved and feel so lucky to call this place home.'
Mr Pike, who spends most of his days meditating, doing odd jobs and growing vegetables, said he is trying to work out ways he can extend his compound. See more photos of Daniel's Hobbit house below:

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