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Sunday, 21 February 2016

#BuyNigeriatoGrowTheNaira: Top 10 tourist destination in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country rich in both human and natural resources, Our soil is fertile and we are so blessed with landscape that boost of the best tourist destination, which if well harness will be a source income for the government and employment for the teeming masses.
Obudu Mountain Resort

My goal in writing this piece was to support the #BuyNigeriaToGrowTheNaira as a result of the current economy situation and the fall of the naira, selling at 400 naira to 1 dollar last week. We need to look inward, Obudu instead of Dubai, Think Ikogosi before Miami Beach. There are several tourist destinations in Nigeria but i will be listing top 10 destination:

The Yankari Game Reserve: Yankari National Park; a home to wildlife in the state’s South-Central part. It houses a lot of natural warm water springs and it is the one of West Africa’s eco-destinations. Located in Bauchi State.

Obudu Mountain Resort: Enjoy the temperate climate on the Oshie Ridge of the famous Sankwala Mountains in Obudu Mountain Resort. breathtaking views and more. Obudu Resort is located in Cross River State.

Ikogosi warm spring: A geological wonder according to expert, in the heart of a smal quiet town of Ikogosi-Ekiti lies a warm spring, where cold and warm spring meets. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists.
In order to give tourists and visitors a long-lasting experience, a well-landscaped 116-hectare resort is located around the warm spring at Ikogosi-Ekiti.

Olumo Rock: Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, sits in the ancient city center of Abeokuta – a name which means “Under the rock”. Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during inter-tribal wars in the 19th century. Olumo rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Oguta Lake: Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in Imo State, South East Nigeria; within the equatorial rainforest region of Niger Delta. Oguta Lake's catchment area comprises the drainage area of the Njaba River and a part of the River Niger floodplain in the region south of Onitsha. Located in Imo State.

Awhum Waterfall:Awhum boasts of numerous immaculate lakes, waterfall and a monastery. The waterfall forms beautiful scenery where water cascades over its top forming a stream, which has become a religious tourist site. It is close to the Awhum Monastery. Awhum Waterfall is located in Awhum, Enugu State.

Gashaki-Gumpti National Park: Nature at its best, take a look into the medieval times of our dear country. Gashaki-Gumpti National Park is located in Gashaki-Gumpti, Taraba State.

Osun-Osogbo Grove: The UNESCO World Heritage site house the sacred shrines, sanctuaries, sculptures and art works that are created in the honour of the goddess of fertility, Osun. The Grove is located in Osogbo, Osun State.
Ancient Nok Settlement

Ancient Nok Settlement: In the heart of Jaba local government in Kaduna lies this archaeological settlement. It was here that the Terracotta figurine was discovered in the world. The settlement is located in Kaduna.

I hope my list helps. Do you have something more to add? What's your take on the #BuyNigeriatoHelpNairaGrow? What have i missed?

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