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Saturday, 27 February 2016

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Most Infamous Murders 'Graveyard Killer' (Day 6)

George the Killer
Good morning lovelies, thanks for joining us today on DTB's SATURDAY DIGEST. On this edition another cold-blooded killer joins our list of "World's most Infamous Murders" at number 6.

George Thomson, 19 whom i dubbed the 'GRAVEYARD KILLER', was convicted of murdering a 14-year-old love rival in a 'brutal and sustained' attack in a cemetery after becoming obsessed with his girlfriend.

The victim, Jordan Watson was found with serious injuries to his head and neck after being lured to the cemetery in Carlisle, Cumbria, in June last year. 

George Thomson, 19, has now been found guilty of murder after a jury heard he had developed an 'obsessive desire' for Jordan's girlfriend.
Carlisle Crown Court heard that Thomson's 'obsessive desire' for Jordan's girlfriend, also aged 14, 'festered and grew in intensity' before he decided he wanted Jordan out of the picture. 

Thomson was said to have lured the schoolboy to the cemetery on the late evening of June 15 last year with an 'almost certainly fictional' arrangement to sell some weapons to another man.
Jordan the victim

Jordan was stabbed repeatedly in the head and neck during an assault and his body was later discovered by a dog walker.

When police later searched Thomson's home they found a large Gurkha knife, with blood on it, under his bed.

Also recovered from his bedroom was an arsenal of knives and weapons, including a machete, a cleaver, a stun gun, a replica rifle and a block of knives next to his bed, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

The jury reached a unanimous verdict on Thomson, of Upperby Road, Carlisle.

Array of airguns and knife found in George's room.
Reference: Dailymail.

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  1. What a monster. It didn't even occur to him that the girl is underage. Hope he will never be allowed to roam free and hurt another human being.

    Mily's blog


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