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Monday, 15 February 2016

Sad tales of a 60 year old man, stolen as a baby, abused at 11 and a killer by 20

This will definitely bring tears to your eyes! The sad tales of Robert 'Bobby' Veen who spent over two thirds of his life in prison for brutal murders he committed in his 20's.

Stolen as an Aboriginal baby, his earliest memories are with his white foster family in southern NSW's Albury, hundreds of kilometres from his birthplace of dusty Bourke in the state's northwest.
'They were a beautiful family and I was raised up good. I loved my sports, running, swimming - but football was my top,' Bobby told ABC's Lateline.
It was at the tender age of 11 that he was picked up by a car of three men after a football game and brutally molested.

'I think at that time they were looking for something and I happened to be there at the wrong time. I was bundled in the car by three blokes and molested ... brutally molested,' Bobby said.
'I lost a lot of faith, in religion and everything ... That was the turning point.'

From that point on Bobby would routinely ditch school with a friend to travel to a river crossing.

His regular truancy landed him a spot at the Kinchella Boy's Home in Kempsey, where sexual abuse and savage punishment ran rampant for decades.

'There was a lot of rapes going on in there, especially by the superintendent, he was molesting everybody,' Mr Veen claimed.

'Other times there were cold showers at 3:00 in the morning. I can vividly remember all those times.'
Scarred by the eight-month stint he served there, Bobby left home to live alone on the streets of Sydney's seedy Kings Cross nightclub district, aged just 14.
Living off a single meal a week and bingeing on alcohol, he soon turned to male prostitution as a means of making money to survive.

'I was building hate and hate and hate inside me all the time,' he said.

It was 1975 when a 20-year-old Bobby committed his first murder.

After a day of drinking he headed to a party where he spotted two boys - aged 11 and 12 - in their underwear, immediately suspecting they had been abused.
Telling the boys to leave, he waited to make a move.

'I was sobered like anything, and next minute a person walked into the room and that's when I stabbed him. I just snapped ... I snapped,' he said.  

Bobby's foster sister Bernice was heartbroken.

'I couldn't talk about it without crying for decades. It's difficult, it's a destroyed life,' she said.

Convicted of manslaughter, Bobby was given a life sentence which he appealed - serving eight years behind bars before he was let free.

Within a year of his release, Bobby committed his second murder - eerily similar to the first.

This time he stabbed a man he recognised from his prostitution days 'around about six times.'

Sentenced to life in jail, he served lengthy stints at Parramatta, Goulburn and Long Bay correctional services.

It was in jail that he developed a passion for drawing and listening to classical music. 

'The drawing symbolises freedom for me. That was my escape from the jail system,' he said. 

It wasn't until a doctor spotted a tumour on his oesophagus - some twelve years after his sentence was completed - that he was given parole. 

Bobby, a terminally ill 60-year-old, will remain on parole until his death.

Reflecting on a life spent primarily on the streets, prostituting his body or in a jail cell - Bobby's outlook on future years is certainly bleak.

'I'm now 60 years old and I've spent 42 years in jail. None of the men that abused me or accosted me, they've never been convicted,' he said.

'If my tumour comes back or the cancer comes back I'm not going to have chemo or radiation anymore I'll just let meself go, go in peace.'

He hopes to put some missing puzzle pieces together and visit his birthplace before he passes away.

'I want to see me home town, go back to Bourke where I was born, see if I've got any relations there. Any relations and that or maybe I've still got a brother,' he lamented.
'Hopefully no cousins.' 

Source: Dailymail

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