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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

MUSING: #Budget brouhaha

Is this what we get for the #CHANGE we voted last year, A government that cannot get her first budget right? I was actually believing this government will be an assembly of technocrats, who will ultimately change the fortune of this country.

So  a Professor and Federal Minister, who was also a former Vice Chancellor finally reads his own part of the budget for the first time, after it was submitted LOL, Only to raise a public alarm and disowns the budget, unable to believe the scale of fraud therein....This kinda shit can only happen in Nigeria. So he's telling us he didn't read his ministry budget, before it was submitted? Haba this is totally unacceptable abeg.

I even learn the budget for the book allowance for the vice President exceeded the book budget of all Federal polytechnics.

Now it's blame game all the way, With the National assembly blaming the executive and the Executive blaming Civil Servants and some rogues in government. The Executive, claimed to be unaware of over-loaded budget.

The National Assembly now declares that she is embarrassed by the scale of fraud in the budget, and have stopped deliberations on the budget indefinitely....The question i am asking now is, which way Nigeria, are we ever going to get it right?

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  1. I don't even the way forward in this country, everything looks hard, no money mono job, security is terrible


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