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Monday, 15 February 2016

MONDAY MOTIVATIONAL KIT: Your's may not be like Olajumoke, Identify people who count

Quote of the Day: “If a Plantain boy became a super star (Timaya) and Bread girl became an international celebrity model (Olajumoke) overnight…Friends just try to challenge yourself and those around to grow and overcome challenges. Keep the hustle real one day, you will get there” – DukeTunde.

About a week or so ago a relatively unknown Olajumoke Orisaguna walked into the photo-shoot of international act Tinie Tempah by renown Photographer TY Bello. She became a star and social media went crazy.

Fast forward to this week, she has been featured on many international magazines and most recently on CNN. Her success came with many offers and even a luxury home courtesy of Sujimoto Construction.

The most significant thing about her rise from zero to a celebrity overnight is “Being at the right place at the right time,” not that she knew people who count.

Many still marvel or let me say are jealous of Olajumoke’s new found stardom, because they felt she stumbled of success easily, my dear if you belong to this category of people you’re dead wrong.  She didn’t rest on her oars, feeling helpless, dressing down or waiting for help to come. She does what can put the next meal on the table before “her photobomb” breakthrough.

Not everyone will have success tossed at him/her the Olajumoke way though, but the key in achieving success and going further in life is “IDENTIFYING THE PEOPLE WHO COUNT” and “TO BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF PEOPLE WHO COUNT.” Don’t just sit there and believe miracle will happen. Showcase your talent and watch people who matter key into your ideals and ultimate rise to success.

I once made a bad mistake - Well, i have probably made countless more, but this one is relevant and sticks in my mind. I worked on a surveillance maintenance project for a company and on one occasion during the lunch break, i ran into the big boss himself having coffee with an assistance in my unit who didn't show up for work for two days. i spoke angrily, hoping the chairman will scold him, but i was thrown out! Imagine LOL. I only got to know he's a relative of Oga after the incident...what i am driving at here is, don't look down on people as you never can tell who is holding the ACE or DANGOTE card that will give you access to the next level of success.
Finally, do things properly – go through the appropriate channels and don’t hide in wait for a miracle that may never come.

SINGING:  In Patoranking’s voice “ Nobody wey no fit to make am o.”

Do have a blissful week out there……………..


  1. Hmmmm quite an inspirational story there. May God order our steps to the right place and at the right time.


    1. Thanks Gloria, do a have a blissful week out there


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