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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

#MadeInNigeria: Open letter to Innoson and other manufacturers - Dr. Obinna Aligwekwe

This is an open letter/note written by Dr. Obinna Aligwekwe, a social commentator and medical doctor, who resides in the United Kingdom to Innoson vehicles and other Nigerian brands as the the #BuyMadeInNigeria goes viral....

Note to Innoson Vehicles, and Other Nigerian Brands

It is very obvious that there is a wave of support going on for indigenous brands. To be honest, this forced patriotism came more out of compulsion necessitated by the downturn in prices of Oil, our mainstay, but hey, it is here anyway. Which ever way, people have been forced to look inwards.

Please, do not make the mistakes Nigeria has been making. Demonstrate to us that you are capable of reasoning beyond the now. Prove to us that beyond the temporary flow of the naira and kobo, you are capable of leaving a legacy that will last generations. Because, lets not pretend, the average human being, would rather drive a Mercedes Benz or BMW, sport a Rolex wrist watch, don wears purchased from Harrods and spray designer perfumes.

The average human is less bothered about how Benz, BMW, Givenchy, Marks and Spencer and all the likes started off as small as you. What catches their eyes is the EXCELLENCE in the finished product. To even stand a chance of becoming a lasting brand, that excellence should be your watchword.........ALWAYS.

Show us that ‪#‎BuyMadeInNigeria‬ is not mere blackmail occasioned by a loss in Oil fortunes, but a desire to rise and shine. Show us that the temporary patronage and profits is not about Naira and kobo, but a priviledge to lay a lasting legacy.

Show us that the present compulsion to buy your products will not always be as a result of lack of choice, but will eventually go down as a veritable alternative.

Ford did it in America, Karl Benz did it in Germany, Toyota did it in Japan. Some of these outfits had more humble beginnings than you do now, yet today, some lives are incomplete without possession of these products.

Patronage should be a balance between patriotism and value for money. If one gives way, the business dies. You have the priviledge of having patronage in your hands, it will not be like that forever if you don't up your game.


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