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Friday, 5 February 2016

Hidden from Modern World: Stunning Images of the Mentawai People in Indonesia

Wow! Check out the stunning images of the Mentawai tribe, from Indonesia that has managed to keep their traditions and way of life away from modern society. The Mentawai tribe are famous for their decorative tattoos and for living a semi-nomadic life on the Mantawai Islands in West Sumatra.

The tribe, according to sources consist of around 64,000 people, living in homes which are known as Umas and built using bamboo, wood and grass, and are furnished with the skulls of hunted prey.
The Mentawaian's social life revolves around their clans, and at the centre is the communal long house. The clans vary in size between 30 to 80 members.

It is claimed that the tribe members believe that all living objects including plants are supposed to have spirits.
The only specialist in the community is the medicine man that is responsible for communication with the spirits and the souls - in case of misfortune or illness, he is called in to restore harmony within the group.

Mentawai woman walk around with no clothes on and their lives depend entirely on natural resources.

Shot by professional photographer Mohammed Saleh Bin Dollah, the series captures a glimpse of life on the island, where the tribe clan is everything and any problem can be solved by a medicine man. More Photos below:


  1. They look like an art work

  2. They are beautiful and innocent. Wow, I love reading about these remote tribes.

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