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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Futuristic car that runs on THIN AIR debuts in the UK

Wow! Check out this futuristic sleek, affordable British-built hydrogen-powered electric city car, that will start running from today in the United Kingdom.

The electric car will reduce emissions, with just water coming from its exhaust, and it even has DeLorean-style gull wing doors.

Called Rasa, the green vehicle runs on electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cells and gives the equivalent of '250 miles to the gallon', according to its backers.

Despite hydrogen being a highly-flammable gas, Rasa's makers Riversimple insist the car is safer than conventional petrol models because the gas is contained in a pressurised tank and dissipates upwards in the event of a crash.

This tank, fitted in the boot, has been designed to be placed away from the engine and is strengthened to withstand crashes.

Its makers explained that even if it did leak in a crash, the tank has been designed so the gas would not 'pool' under the vehicle as is the case with unleaded.

The two-seater will travel 300 miles (482km) on one 1.5kg fill-up of the lighter than air gas - which was once used to provide the lift in Zeppelins until the Hindenburg disaster of 1937.
The car has no gears, just buttons for forward, neutral or reverse, plus an accelerator pedal and brake. It can accelerate from zero to 60mph (97km/h) – the city car's top speed - in 10 seconds.

Named after the Latin for 'clean-slate', the futuristic-looking Rasa has been developed from scratch over 15 years by engineers and entrepreneurs at Riversimple Movement based in Llandrindod Wells in Wales.

Initial plans are to lease thousands of the vehicles to customers on service contracts for about £500 per month - rather than selling them outright.

When the vehicle is in motion, hydrogen passes through the small 8.5 kW fuel cell of the size currently used in forklift trucks.

It combines with oxygen to form water and electricity to drive the motors positioned in each of the four wheels.

More than 50 per cent of the motion energy produced under braking is recovered and turned into electricity to boost acceleration.

Mr Spowers said: 'The result is a range of up to 300 miles on 1.5 kg of hydrogen, estimated fuel economy equivalent to 250 mpg, and a top speed of 60mph.'

The firm behind the car hopes the first production models, which are built at a boutique factory producing around 5,000 a year, will be on the road by 2018 and is seeking more backers.

Mr Spowers added: 'We really have started from a clean sheet of paper.

'The Rasa gives us the opportunity to introduce customers to a more convenient concept of motoring, a lightness of ownership that neither places a burden on the pockets of motorists or the surrounding environment.

'The car is simple, light and fun in every respect.'

Source: Dailynail

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