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Friday, 26 February 2016

Florida woman who hired a hit man to kill her husband says it was all 'ACTING'

A Florida woman, Dalia Dippolito, 33, who was caught on hidden camera handing over her husband picture to a hitman (Undercover Policeman) inside a vehicle seven years ago, has turn around to deny ever wanting to hurt her husband, instead claiming she was only acting when she was caught on camera finalizing the plot in 2009.

Dalia, testified in court during the pre-trial hearing for the first time.

Police organised an undercover cop, Widy Jean, to communicate with Ms Dippolito and act as the hit man.

Mr Jean told her he would break into her house and give her husband ‘two in the head’ before explaining that the hit was now finalised.

“Between now and when it's done, you're not gonna have the opportunity to change your mind,” he can be heard saying in the tape.

“Even if you change your mind.”

“I'm determined already,” Ms Dippolito said.

“I'm positive, like 5000 per cent sure.”

Despite the footage, Dippolito has denied ever wanting her husband killed, saying the entire tape was set up.

“I’m being accused of doing something I didn’t do,” she told the court.

“It’s part of the script.”

The pair had only been married for six months.

She claims the entire scene was a set up orchestrated by police officers from Boynton Beach, designed to gain ‘publicity and glory’ and attract a production team from Cops to film an episode.
Dalia with the undercover cop.

She said that she thought the conversation with the hit man was part of an acting job for a reality TV show that would make her and her husband famous, The Sun Sentinel reported.

Ms Dippolito claims she tried to back out of the plot but was threatened with a gun by a police informant who – to add a further twist to the story – she said she was sleeping with.

"I just said I didn't want to do this anymore. He said I needed to keep doing it. At that point he lifted his shirt and showed me his gun. He threatened to hurt me and threatened to hurt my family," she told the court.

Ms Dippolito fronted court in 2011 and although she never testified, she was found guilty of solicitation to commit first-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

Jurors from the initial court case were told of how she was instructed by the ‘hit-man’ to leave the house before 6am so he could perform the murder.

Dippolito left for the gym early and received a phone call a short time later from police informing her of her husband’s ‘death’.

Jurors were shown footage of the moment the hysterical wife broke down outside the front of her home to police officers.

The footage went viral back in 2009 and has now caused a retrial as the appeals court ruled that any jurors who viewed the tape my have been influenced by it before the sentencing.

She remains on house arrest until her next court appearance in May.

Source: YahooNews
Photo Credit: ABC

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  1. See this smart woman, how she turned it around. May God save men from karishika



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