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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Einstein was right, Gravitational waves have been detected

Albert Einstein must be squirming in his grave right now, 100 years after he predicted gravitational waves in his theory of 'General Gravitational waves', Scientist have just confirmed the detection of gravitational waves. Wow this is another big discovery of modern science.

According to science alert, An international team of physicists has confirmed the existence of Einstein's gravitational waves, marking one of the biggest astrophysical discoveries of the past century. It's a huge deal, because it not only improves our understanding of how the Universe works, it also opens up a whole new way of studying it.

The gravitational wave signal was detected by physicists at LIGO on September 14 last year, and the historic announcement was made at a press conference this morning. Experts are already saying the discovery is a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize.

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Gravitational waves are so exciting because they were the last major prediction of Einstein's general theory of relativity that had to be confirmed, and discovering them will help us understand how the Universe is shaped by mass.

"Gravitational waves are akin to sound waves that travelled through space at the speed of light," said gravitational researcher David Blair, from the University of Western Australia. "Up to now humanity has been deaf to the universe. Suddenly we know how to listen. The Universe has spoken and we have understood."

What does that mean for us? Just think of all the breakthroughs that have come thanks to the discovery of x-rays and radio waves - now that we can detect gravitational waves, we're going to have a whole new way to see and study the Universe.


  1. I am not really keen about all these scientific discoveries

    1. My sister I understand if u don't fancy science but this is a big break in the its possible to travel in d speed of time and goes to prove Einstein theory is right after 100 and the Alcubierre drive of reknown physicist Al cubierre is possible... Science makes d world go round


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