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Monday, 22 February 2016

20 Ways to grow your blog like a BOSS

Blogging as we all know now is no longer a hobby or game for the lazy. Blogging is a big time money spinner and a tool that is changing the world, You might be using your blog to post recipes, or to inform the local community about information you find elsewhere on the web. The ultimate result is making money.

If you're looking at becoming professional blogger, you'll need to take a few steps to improve your blog and the way your audience see your blog online. Today i will be highlighting 20 ways to grow your blog like a BOSS.

  1. Firstly, the era of using ABC.blogspot or XYZ.wordpress.com is long gone. If you want to get serious 'Get your own unique URL. It matters in the long run, especially should you choose to change hosts. For instance, if you move off a blogger account at .blogspot.com , you lose all link equity and page rank for that domain. This means you’d have to start again from scratch. Already in that position?' Make the switch now.
  2. If your blog is to be your business, treat it like that. Get into stats. Get into building audience. Get into delivering something unique. Don’t straddle back and forth on this.
  3. Up the ante on delivering original material.(Evolve your own style) Get outside the echo chamber. Writing a me-too blog or  copy and paste kind of blogging isn’t the way to build your blog to the levels you seek to attain.
  4. If you have a premier source of information blog for nonprofits, for photographers, for whatever, then be sure you’re scouring news feeds and finding information outside the blogosphere to keep that relationship informed.
  5. If your goal is to be an entertainment or news blog, be very clear that it’s that and not a “fun” blog. Consider splitting off your personal or fun blog.
  6. Make a point of engaging your community often in the comments section, on their blogs, on the other social networks.
  7. Ask yourself if your layout is readable? Are your fonts clear and easy to read? Are your color choices all they can be? A little time with your stylesheet goes a long way.
  8. Is your blog well optimized for SEO (Search engine optimization). This is one of the very first step. Several blogging platforms now have SEO plug-ins/add-ons to help with this.
  9. Link. If you’re writing about another person, post, or website, link appropriately and thread the web. It fleshes out the story, gives us places to explore, and shows a “good neighbor” practice.
  10. Don't just rely on what you find on the internet, A blogger is a reader. Get outside the blogosphere. Find sources of information that span far beyond what your competitors are covering.
  11. Try as much as possible to post/schedule post regularly. Extra points for writing a few posts ahead of time for those days when you can’t get to it right away.
  12. Work on your titles. A great title drives visits, but also informs us as to what we’re going to learn.
  13. Make sure your blog URL is on your twitter profile, your facebook profile and several other outposts. This is a sure way to get noticed by those who might have not heard of your blog before.
  14. If you’re going to promote your blog via places like Twitter, be sure to do it tastefully instead of just dumping links into the stream. Consider asking a question, or pointing out a rather insightful comment.
  15. Commenting on other well-known blogs in your niche in a not-spammy way is a great way for people who might like your work to discover you. Don’t post blatant links, Just be thoughtful and helpful to the community at that site, and leave a useful comment. 
  16. Is it fair to Digg or Stumble your own posts? There are mixed opinions on this. I’ve had little to no success with Digg in this regard. StumbleUpon is a different story. Decide for yourself if you think this is okay to do. I’ve heard it called “patting yourself on the back in public.”

Four other golden tips include:
  • Register your blog on google Analytics. This will give you an insight on how your blog is performing relative to the plans.
  • Build relationships with similar blogs and share opportunities. If you’re blogging about real estate, get to know the other real estate bloggers and learn from each other.
  • Make subscribe by email available on your blog, it goes a long way in getting you more readers. You can Sumome
  • Finally, be interactive, even if you use your blog to sell products, be human, be interesting, be involved. Be social media savvy.

I hope this helps someone to better his/her blog. Don't forget to drop your opinion, questions and suggestion in the comment section. Thanks and do have a blissful week out there.

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