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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Unluckiest Couple Celebrates £35.4 Million Lottery Win, Then Weeps

OMG! How do you describe winning £35.4 million jackpot in a lottery and a faulty smartphone app denied you getting paid. Meet the World's unluckiest couple, grandparents Edwina and David Nylan of England are nursing a hangover of missed fortune that would have changed their lives forever.

When Edwina called the U.K. lottery to claim the jackpot, a representative told the pair they had entered the drawing too late.

"We've tried to have a laugh about it but we're completely distraught," Edwina told SWNS. "We've spent years paying out for the lottery and this money could have changed our lives. We feel like we've been cheated out of it."
The couple said they used a cell phone app to purchase a ticket on Dec. 23, SWNS reported. When they were alerted that their account required more funds for the purchase, they added more money. Then they bought the ticket with six numbers they chose randomly, and the app confirmed the buy, they said. But lottery officials say they have no record of the purchase.
Authorities reportedly confirmed they have a record of the couple repeatedly trying to add funds as the 7:30 p.m. drawing limit approached -- but assert they did not register a completed transaction before the deadline.
"When anyone successfully purchases a ticket on the Lottery website they will see a purchase confirmation screen, receive an email confirming their purchase and be able to see the ticket in their National Lottery online account," a spokeswoman told the Telegraph.
Edwina conceded to outlets, "I didn't remember to check because it was just before Christmas and I was so busy."
The payment was eventually processed, but not until midnight, on Dec. 24, way past the deadline, the Mirror reported.

"It was like all our dreams had come crashing down around us," Edwina said to SWNS.


  1. That's why I avoid playing the lottery online. I can't say it is scam or something still I feel more secure playing it traditionally. I think the only reason people play online is their fear to lose the paper ticket or because they are lazy to have a walk.

  2. I don't agree with you. UK lotto online website and a number of other resources (like wintrillions review ) are either owned or entitled to sell the official lottery tickets. There was some bug probably. And it doesn't go about someone's laziness, it goes about convenience, we are not in the stone age.


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