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Saturday, 9 January 2016

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Most Infamous Murders ( Day 1)

Good morning beautiful people, how are you doing and bet you've had a lovely start to the new year so far? I pray 2016 will be better than the previous year in Jesus name. It's time for the first edition of SATURDAY DIGEST this year and in the next few weeks or months we will be bringing you our lovely readers 'THE WORLD'S MOST INFAMOUS MURDERS' on DTB's SATURDAY DIGEST.

Today 'The Beast of Bronx, William Caruth' debuts at number one.

How do you explain a father killing his own pregnant daughter and hiding her body in the basement of their flat? A BEAST right....

Pregnant 39-year-old Andrea Caruth, who was mysteriously declared missing by her live in boyfriend on Sunday, was found stuffed into a crawlspace in the basement of the house she shared with her father and boyfriend on Wednesday and guess who's behind the hideous crime, it's Andrea's 61-year-old father.
Andrea (L) The Beast 'William' (R)

According to New York Daily News, Miss Caruth was found around 2am after authorities detected a 'ranksmell' coming from a closet.

The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide as her cause of death was ligature strangulation and blunt impacts to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries, WPIX reported.

A plywood board above the crawlspace covered the homemade grave where Caruth's body was dumped and partially covered with gravel, sources told the Daily News.

Authorities arrested her 61-year-old father, William Caruth, on murder and manslaughter charges for her horrific death.

The Daily News reported that investigators found spattered blood in the father's downstairs apartment.

Police sources told the New York Post that Caruth's murder appeared to be well-planned because the concrete where she was buried was hollowed out before she died. 

A family friend told NBC New York that the father was a 'very controlling, very stern, very firm man.' They also said that the pair had a difficult relationship and there were 'issues sometimes about money.'
'I can't believe it,' friend Marjorie Johnson Fitzwilliam told NBC New York at a vigil for Andrea Wednesday night. 'How could a father kill his own child? It doesn't make any sense.'

'She was a loving person who holds no grudge against nobody,' her best friend Julia McCall told NBC New York.


  1. It doesn't make sense really
    What was his motive for doing that? That's wickedness!!! A pregnant lady for that matter

  2. End time father. God have mercy!

    May she and her unborn baby rip

    Mily's blog


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