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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Backlash as Charlie Hebdo mocks drowned migrant boy 'Aylan Kurdi'

Remember the images of 'Aylan Kurdi' that shocked the world when they were broadcasted and published last September, the little Syrian boy, whose body was found on a Turkish beach in the wake of the Migrant crisis last year, his memory is now been mocked again by no other than the senseless French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
The Magazine is now facing a furious backlash after suggesting that a drowned immigrant toddler would have grown up to be a sex pest.
The latest links Aylan, who was a Muslim, with the gangs of migrants who allegedly carried out coordinated sexual assaults in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Aylan is shown as a grown-up, pig faced sex pest running after a terrified woman as he tries to grope her.

Hebdo has argued that it merely satirises Islamaphobes, and those who hate immigrants, but it has been widely condemned on social media, and accused of blatant racism and spreading hatred.

Twitter users called the image 'disgusting' and 'tasteless', and compared it to the Nazi magazine Der Sturmer, which mocked Jews in the run up to the Holocaust in the 1930s.

'All of the people who work at Charlie Hebdo are some of the most bigoted & racist people in the world, actually,' wrote Twitter user Chris Erion.

Another called Chris Applegate wrote: 'Charlie Hebdo are actually left wing and anti-racist, honest'

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