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Saturday, 5 December 2015

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries (Day 22)

It's that joyful season of the year again lovelies, can't believe we are here already in December. All glory to God for his mercies, love and protection since the journey began in January...Bet you're enjoying the weekend and feeling the Xmas spirit and YES the cold lol.

It's time for our first Saturday Digest this month and today i bring you the mystery of Saint-Germain: THE IMMORTAL COUNT...

Do you believe in immortality and is it even possible that a man can achieve immortality...Well this man who has appeared many times throughout history - even as recently as the 1970's and always appearing to be about 45 years old is thought to be IMMORTAL, The Comte de Saint Germain (believed to be born around 1600-1712; died 27 February 1784) was a European courtier, with an interest in science and the arts. He achieved prominence in European high society of the mid-1700s. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel considered him to be "one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived".St. Germain used a variety of names and titles, an
accepted practice amongst royals and nobles at the time. These include the Marquis de Montferrat, Comte Bellamarre, Chevalier Schoening, Count Weldon, Comte Soltikoff, Graf Tzarogy and Prinz Ragoczy. In order to deflect inquiries as to his origins, he would invent fantasies, such as that he was 500 years old, leading Voltaire to sarcastically dub him "The Wonderman".

Saint Germain's birth and background are obscure, though some accounts taken less seriously by most, say he was alive in the time of our lord Jesus and was present at the wedding at Cana, where the Jesus Christ turned water into wine. He was also said to be present at the council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.
What is almost unanimously agreed on, however, is that Saint-Germain became accomplished in the art of alchemy, the mystical "science" that strives to control the elements. The foremost goal of this practice was the creation of "projection powder" or the elusive "philosopher's stone," which, it was claimed, when added to the molten form of such base metals as lead could turn them into pure silver or gold. Furthermore, this magical power could be used in an elixir that would impart immortality on those who drank it.

Count de Saint-Germain, it is believed, discovered this secret of alchemy. He has been linked to several secret societies, including the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Society of Asiatic Brothers, the Knights of Light, the Illuminati and Order of the Templars.

An accomplished painter, Alchemist, Jeweller and musician who could play the violin like a virtuoso.

Who was this mysterious man? Are the stories of his immortality mere legend and folklore? Or is it possible that he really did discover the secret of defeating death? Will St. Germain reappear again? All these questions are still shrouded in mysteries.


  1. Now we know. Thanks for sharing


  2. Excellent post on the Count. I too have researched Saint-Germain for many years, finally writing a novel on his many adventures; filling in the gaps with my own narrative. You can check it out at my website http://paulwandrews.wordpress.com


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