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Saturday, 28 November 2015

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries (Day 21)

Good morning beautiful DTB readers, how are you doing today..Wow its the last Saturday in November and the festive period is upon us already. How did you spend 'BLACK FRIDAY', loads of unbelievable low-price bargaining, sales and lots of goodies right.
Well it's time for the LAST 'World's greatest unsolved mysteries' in November and today 'The Kryptos' joins our list at Day 21.

The Kryptos is a sculpture located on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia. The sculpture was by an American artist named, Jim Sanborn. It was dedicated on November 3, 1990 and it had generated much speculation, mostly about the meaning of the encrypted messages it bears.

The name Kryptos comes from the Greek word for "hidden", and the theme of the sculpture is "intelligence gathering." The most prominent feature is a large vertical s-shaped copper screen resembling a scroll, or piece of paper emerging from a computer printer, half of which consists of encrypted text. The characters are all found within the 26 letters of the standard Latin alphabet, along with question marks, and are cut out of the copper. The main sculpture contains four separate enigmatic messages, three of which have been deciphered.

Of the four messages, three have been solved, while the fourth remains as one of the most famous unsolved codes and mysteries in the world. The sculpture continues to be of interest to cryptanalysts, both amateur and professional, who are attempting to decipher the final section. The sculptor has given two clues to this section.


When commenting in 2006 about his error in section 2, Sanborn said that the answers to the first three sections contain clues to the fourth section. In November 2010, Sanborn released a clue, publicly stating that "NYPVTT", the 64th-69th letters in part four, become "BERLIN" after decryption. Sanborn gave The New York Times another clue in November 2014: the letters "MZFPK", the 70th-74th letters in part four, become "CLOCK" after decryption. This may be a direct reference to the Berlin Clock. Sanborn further stated that in order to solve section 4, "You'd better delve into that particular clock," but added, "There are several really interesting clocks in Berlin."

Reference: Wikipedia

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