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Saturday, 7 November 2015

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries (Day 18)

Good morning lovelies, It's another beautiful Saturday morning,How are you doing out there-wishing you guys a blissful weekend. Today the mystery of the Pollack Twins debuts on our SATURDAY DIGEST 'World's Greatest unsolved Mysteries' (Day 18). The story is a bit creepy though and if you believe in reincarnation the story you're about to read adds some credence to 'Reincarnation'.

The perfect family of John and Florence Pollock who had two lovely daughters Jacqueline (6) and Joanna (11) led a happy and normal life in Hexam, England came crashing like a pack of card when a car knocked down the daughters along with family friend Anthony Layden on , 5th May, 1957.They three youngsters died instantly. The family was devastated as the accident happened on their way to Church..

John believed his wife would conceive twins and against all odds,just as he had in mind his wife delivered twins on 4th of October 1958. (Gillian and Jennifer).

John noticed that the infant Jennifer had a strange white line across her forehead similar to her dead sister Jaqueline’s scar from a bike accident. When he checked the baby’s leg he also located a birthmark identical to Jaqueline’s birthmark.

When the twins reached the age of three months John and Florence decided to move to Whitley Bay. They did not return to Hexam until the twins were nearly four years old…

When the family drove through Hexam the twins started pointing out landmarks that they had never been to before. When they past the school that their dead sisters had attended they swore blind that it was ‘their school’ and they used to attend it.

The family started to dig out the old possessions of Jacqueline and Joanna for the girls to interact with. Amazingly, they were able to correctly name every teddy bear and doll that the deceased twins had owned.

Their mother, Florence, started to notice the girls playing rather sinister games. One of these games involved Jennifer laying on the floor with her head on her sister, Gillian.

During the process of this game Gillian would calmly speak to Jennifer telling her that blood was coming out of her eyes because that is where the car struck her.

A month or two later the girls were sent into a state of hysterical frenzy as they were walked past a parked car with it’s engine ticking over. They were screaming at the top of their voices “The car! It’s coming to get us.”

The strange memories vanished when the girls reach the age of five and thereafter lived normal lives....And no one has ever been able to explain why or how the Pollock Twins knew all they know about the dead sisters. 
But guys do you believe in Reincarnation or transmigration of souls or could all these just be some sort of coincidence..


  1. Hmmmn, I can't explain. I don't believe in reincarnation but in Africa tradition it does exist but for the twins naming where they have never been before eehn, it's scary



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