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Monday, 9 November 2015

MONDAY BUSINESS KIT: Tips to a secure financial life

Good morning beautiful people, it's a brand new week, brand new day and brand new opportunity..bet you had loads of fun over the week, well its time to get busy again and make some cool cash.

Quote of the day 'Make your job important and it will return the favour' Arnold Glasgow.

Tips to a secure financial life
  1. DON'T LOOK FOR QUICK MONEY: Those who look for quick money are usually those with worse record of loss-if it sound too juicy, it is fraud, best HOT TIPS in investment is that there's no HOT TIP.
  2. DON'T LET A SMALL LOSS BECOME LARGE: Don't keep losing money just to prove you're right - Never throw good money after bad (Don't buy more of a loser) When all you're left with is hope..Just get out ASAP
  3. CUT YOUR LOSER, LET YOUR WINGS RIDE: Avoid limited-upside, unlimited-downside. Don't fall in love with your investment, it won't fall in love with you. Just beware of a naked man who offers you his shirt.
  4. A RISING TIDE RAISES ALL SHIP: Be careful while investing in a business - do your visibility study, just as a rising tide raises all ship and vice versa so access the tides and not the ship so that your ship won't sink in the wrong tide.
  • Dedication: Be dedicated to what you're doing, put in your all and you will surely achieve greatness. Remember the story of our beloved Top Nigerian Blogger, Linda Ikeji and many others who started from no where and today their names are on every lips
  • Determination: Be determine to achieve success and don't rest until you truly have achieved the business set goals.
  • Discipline: Be discipline, deprive yourself of somethings, shape your mind in such a way that the end result will ultimately bring you more success
  • Swiftness: Don't just work hard, work extra smart...Open your eyes and mind to new innovations and emerging trends.
  • Professionalism: Don't wait till XYZ push you out of business, keep acquiring knowledge and skills. Be very competence in your field.
  • Break barriers: Don't thrash that golden idea just because it sounds stupid, Remember every idea looks stupid at first but working more on it and fine tuning can change the world...
  • Reach for the top: Don't be complacent, keeping moving till you get to the top. Complacency in a disease.
Steps to Develop a Business Plan
  • Describe your business, product or services.
  • Evaluate the strength and weakness of your competitors and look for opportunities in the market place.
  • Focus on planning on being different from your competitors and competing with them less directly.
  • Forecast conservatively and try to have an extra cushion of cash tucked in reserve.
  • Do not generalize when describing the potentials of your business plan ( That's what makes you different).
  • Review how the business is performing relative to the plan.
  • Budgeting is essential to be financially bouyant.
DTB tips that works like MAGIC for business people
  1. Know who you are.
  2. Build relationship
  3. Communicate well
  4. Dress well
  5. Groom yourself Well
  6. Visit a dentist at least once a year
  7. Wear a confident, positive and cheerful outlook always.
  8. Finally, Learn how to smile, for a simple smile can do the wonder.
Wishing you guys a blissful and fruitful week out there. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you won't any of our juicy post...Cheers


  1. Nice one bro. The 7 business commandments are really on point

    1. Thanks Alabekee, do have a blissful week out there

  2. Nice write up dude

  3. True! Thanks for sharing



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