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Monday, 2 November 2015


Quote of the Day: “Every time you borrow money, you're robbing your future self.” ― Nathan W. Morris

As useful and necessary as money is to our lives, there's another side to money-the side that lies and leads people into its ruinous and destructive traps.
Below are the fallacies that plague the thinking of those who accept the six lies about money.

  1. Achievement: Money says that i do things well.
  2. Freedom: Money says that i can have what i want when i want.
  3. Respect: Money say that people like me.
  4. Power: Money says that i am in charge of my life.
  5. Security: Money says that i will always be safe.
  6. Happiness: Money says that i enjoy myself.
There is enough truth in all of these statements for them to be credible. We could easily find real life examples of people who have achieved great things and have money to show for it. There are plenty of wealthy people who seem to have options in life that many of us do not. And i am sure that there are wealthy people who are authentically happy not because they have a huge amount in their banks but because they play by the rules. Where the myths play into all of these examples is that the money does not play the primary role.

You need to ask yourself why is it that the rich and famous are into drugs, excessive drinking and ultimately committing suicide. Then look around you will find many of these wealthy people dying broke or bankrupt all because they fell for the ruinous and destructive traps about money. Not long ago i read about a Nigerian billionaire in the early 90's who had it all but today he's a cab driver and so are many wealthy folks others who had all and fell from grace to grass.

Retrain Yourself
In order to achieve great success and stay successful seek inspiration from others who've been this way and are living on less, If you learn to keep a lid on your expense by controlling your spending, something amazing will happen. So much of this money management thing is about attitude rather than money. Saving and living within your means. This retraining means seeing frugality as your ticket to success. Stop believing what you have is a leverage to get everything you richly deserve. Sure you want it, but that's not an excuse for buying it.

Do have a blissful week out there and stay sweet.....


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  2. This post is really talking to me. I need to refrain from excessive spending


  3. cut your clothe according to your suit......



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