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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Meet 'The She-Wolf' 18-year-old female criminal gang leader

The world is truly coming to an end or how else would you describe an 18-year-old beautiful girl leading a criminal gang that has committed murders, drug trafficking and extortion.

Police in Peru were stunned beyond words when they caught the 18-year-old teenager, Gabriela Iparraguiree Porras, known as 'The She-Wolf' in the city of Callao.

Inspite of her tender age, She-Wolf has already made quite a name for herself in the criminal world. 
According to Peruvian police, Ms Porras used to work alongside her boyfriend Juan Carlos Herrera, and another mobster, Alberto Cardenas Pimentel, before she took on the leadership role in the gang known as "The Bocanegra Wolves."
Ms Porras' lucky streak came to an end, however, when she was caught -together with the two other men- while planning a hit on a construction businessman. The job was going to make the trio a reported £6,000.

Ms Porras used to mostly work with guns and deal drugs before moving up to a leading role within her criminal organization.
Colonel Cesar Bedoya told local news outlets the gang was in possession of guns and grenades. Authorities have also confiscated drugs when they arrested the three.

Local Prosecutor Roger Rodriguez Rojas has asked for the young offenders to be remained in custody for a period of at least nine months, while an investigation into their alleged crimes is conducted. 

See another photo of the bad girl below:


  1. Gangster. I like her small..lol

  2. This is serious. Criminal activities everywhere


  3. She's already a gang leader at 18? hnmmmmmm


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