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Monday, 23 November 2015

Meet Husband and Wife who became Wife and Wife after husband came out as Transgender

LGBT: Meet Gary and Amy, from Norfolk UK who got married in 2006 and have always lived

happily together until Gary came out as transgender in March. The couple had brought up three children together, but unknown to Amy that Gary had been secretly battling gender identity issues sine the age of 12.

When Gary came out to her in March, and told her he wanted to be known as Melissa, Amy felt shocked and rejected, but having built a life with her husband, she tried to understand what he was going through.

Now the couple are happier than ever before, and are even planning on renewing their wedding vows next year, with both of them wearing white bridal gowns.

'When Gary first came out to me as transgender, I thought our marriage was
over,' said 39-year-old Amy.

'But he was the love of my life and I wanted to give us a chance. When the kids went to bed, we would go out on dates with Gary dressed as a woman.

'It was like getting to know your partner all over again and it took time for me to develop those feelings of attraction again.

'But now, it's so much nicer being married to Melissa. We are happier than ever.'

Melissa, 33, added: 'Things are better now than they have ever been. I'm not hiding anything anymore.

'We want to celebrate our marriage and our beautiful kids when we renew our wedding vows next year. We'll both wear wedding dresses too.'

See more Photos of the couple below:


  1. I seriously don't understand what this world is turning into. The end should come already!

  2. Rubbish people, they should not bring this to Africa


  3. crazy......



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