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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Meet Australian genius who began speaking at Two Months of age and developed a ground-breaking Maths Theory at 17

A teenager from Australia has made a ground breaking mathematical discovery that academics say will change the future of mathematics..The 17 year-old developed a maths theory which could be key to solving some of the greatest unknown mysteries about the universe.

The incredible mind, Ivan Zelich, 17, who is thought to have IQ of around 180, has always been extremely advanced - stunning his parents when he began to speak at just two months of age.

Ivan and his US working partner, fellow 17-year-old Xuming Liang, together developed the 'Liang Zelich Theorum' after six months of intensive research.

Fortunately, he and Xuming – a 17-year-old from San Diego he met in an online forum - could share the workload, with Ivan working throughout the day and his American counterpart taking over while the Australian slept.

‘Xuming was on a maths forum and I sent him the first message which said: “nice solution but you can improve on it,” said Ivan with a laugh.
‘He was the only person I could find who I connected with mathematically.
'I found out we were both working on the same problem at the same time but he was more geared towards one side of the geometry and I was more geared towards the algebraic and string theory side.’

‘We combined our powers for amazing successes.’
Xuming told Daily Mail Australia: 'We definitely have a good chemistry. We exchange messages using Google chat and Facebook.
'Since our time zones don't concur, one of us tend to stay up really late to complement the other.
'Our work has been a lethal combination of individual "explorations" and collaborative insightful discussions.'

He presented his findings to some of the world’s best mathematical minds during a conference at Washington DC.
‘It was great to be able to present at the American conference and have people ask me questions and tell me a lot of possible applications for the theorem which I hadn't considered or couldn’t even imagine,’ Ivan said.
‘The main and most important application will be in understanding the structures in the universe.
‘It will basically serve as a branch of string theory, which is the main theory we’re going to try and figure out which is very controversial at this time.’

'The theorem will contribute to our understanding of intergallatic travel because string theory predicts existence shortcuts in space, or so called 'wormholes' to cut through space.
'It also helps finding minimal possible math between certain planets based on their structure.'
He is one of the youngest ever contributors to be published in the International Journal of Geometry, with a paper on his theorem titled: ‘Generalisations of the Neuberg cubic to the Euler pencil of isopivotal cubics’. 
Ivan's Partner Xuming from US

What can i say! Kudos guys....

Source: Dailymail


  1. He's really a genius. Keep soaring high young man

  2. Wow! But I find it so difficult to believe a two months old baby can speak.


  3. Wow! I hate mathematics



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