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Saturday, 14 November 2015

INFANTICIDE: German police search for woman after dead babies discovered

Crime Scene
Some people are just way devilish than the devil himself..Police in Germany are searching for a 45-year-old woman suspected to have murdered her seven new born babies in a house in Bavaria.

The alarm was raised by a neighbour in the town of Wallenfels on Thursday. After finding one corpse, the neighbour called an ambulance. A doctor subsequently discovered further corpses.

Forensic experts said because the bodies were in such a bad state of decay, it will be impossible to be precise how many had been found.

The Woman identified only as Anrea G - is the mother of the babies, although police said they had no confirmation of this. “We’re at least searching for her as if she were the mother of the children,” a police spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said postmortems were being carried out on the remains, and the results – including how the babies died, their ages and sexes – would probably be known early next week.
The bodies were discovered locked in a disused sauna-turned-store cupboard, wrapped in towels and airtight plastic bags, the spokeswoman said.

Neighbours said Andrea G had lived in the house for 18 years and is believed to be the owner of the property. They told German media that she had often been pregnant, but that had not attracted any suspicion as she was a “good and caring mother” to her other children. They said the woman had left at the end of September, and they believed she had moved in with a new partner. Police said they had so far been unable to find her in her new home.

In recent years there have been several reported cases of infanticide in Germany, with the last conviction in March 2013, of a mother in the state of Schleswig Holstein was sentenced to nine years in prison for murdering five babies immediately after birth. One of the dead was found in a paper recycling plant in 2006; another the following year in a car park. The woman was not arrested until 2012, when a DNA test confirmed she was the babies’ mother. She subsequently showed police where she had hidden three more in her cellar.


  1. This is a serious! How can a mother kill her children?



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