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Friday, 13 November 2015

Finally Jihadi John killed in US Drone Strike

Finally Jihadi John ISIS most vocal voice got served. Jihadi John, born Mohammed Emwazi was killed in a 'flawless' drone strike by the US as he made his way into a car in ISIS's de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria.

According to reports, Emwazi, was an intelligent chap,so how did he turn evil? He turned into not really a beast but a monster.

Emwazi appeared in the videos dressed in black with only his eves visible, and spoke with a British accent as he went on anti-western rants to the camera while wielding a knife. 

It was not until February this year that the jihadist was unmasked as Kuwaiti-born Emwazi, who lived in the UK since the age of six.
It emerged that Emwazi had been known to British intelligence services, but managed to travel to Syria in 2013.

Pentagon officials are '99 per cent' sure that the world's most wanted man, who was eventually unmasked as Mohammed Emwazi, was 'evaporated' near a clock tower where ISIS staged public executions.
Colonel Steven Warren said Emwazi, 27, who beheaded several Western hostages on camera in ISIS propaganda videos, was 'a human animal and killing him is probably making the world a little bit better place'.

The drone is believed to have been tracking Emwazi for most of the day yesterday and he was 'ID'd and engaged' when he came out of a building and got into a vehicle in Raqqa.

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