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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

175 Escape from Sinking Passenger Ferry in Indonesia

Terrifying moment when 175 passengers aboard a 10-ton commuter ferry made a dramatic escape as the huge boat capsized just some 650 feet from the port it had departed in Tanjung Perak Port, in Esat Java, Indonesia

Despite the chaos of the evacuation, the harbour master reported that all 175 passangers and crew escapes from the sinking KM Wihan Sejahtera without any casualties.

The listing was caused by an imbalance in the loading of the 400ft ship, which was transporting 62 vehicles when it set off,Sindonews.com reported.
It was also claimed it collided with a submerged object - tearing a hole in its hull and filling it with water.
Emergency services, along with nearby fishing ships, helped to pull survivors from the water before the boat completely sank.

Images taken of the rescue operation show dozens of passengers escaped the sinking ship by abseiling down its side, while a swarm of boats can be seen waiting to collect those who then jumped into the water below


  1. Thank God no life was lost


  2. Omg, accidents in the sea these days are frequent.



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