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Saturday, 17 October 2015

My House got burnt

Good morning beautiful people, bet you had a lovely week out there? And how's the weekend shaping up. If you notice i have not been posting regularly of late...Well my wife had some complication during the last stages of her pregnancy and we are always in and out of Hospital, she finally delivered a fine baby boy last Friday via Cesarean Section, Mother and son are doing just great but the unexpected happened yesterday just a few hours to christening/naming ceremony....Just one single electric spark in Kitchen landed on the cooking gas melting supply cable and 'BOOOOOM' a loud explosion followed....Long story short house got partially burnt but to the glory of God no live lost but my mom sustained minor burns as she was the only one inside the kitchen.

I return all glory to God, devil you've lost this one, i can not be broken because God has got my back..Thank you lord Jesus for everything and many thanks to all my neighbours who rushed down with their buckets filled with soapy water, fire extinguishers and more..


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  2. Mr. Duke I'm sorry about what happened. Thank God you are and your family are fine! Congrats! How is the baby? My regards!

    1. Thanks a bunch Carina..the baby is doing just fine. bet you're enjoying the weekend. Kind regards...


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