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Monday, 26 October 2015

MONDAY WEEK STARTER: Achieve more this Week

Get your week started beautiful people with DTB 'WEEK STARTER KIT'

Quote of the week "Make each day as conscientious as an interview day" - Richard Templar.

As you step out this week make this your watchword......

  • Be honest with yourself
  • Analyse your motives
  • Be sure they are consistent with the good of the larger community.
  • Think out your purpose in making your speech.
  • Ensure that it accords with the purpose of the organisation you're to represent.

Now embrace this rule and sure you will be super productive: 

Dress Well - Means dress well, no excuse for dressing badly, dressing down, dressing dumb or dressing carelessly.
Dressing well is the most noticeable thing about you. And remember you're what you wear.

Cultivate a smile - You perfect dressing alone wont do the magic.. Smile no matter what. Smile when you greet your colleagues in the morning. Smile when you shake hands. Smile when it's getting tough. But make sure it's a friendly smile, genuine smiles that extend to your eyes.

Don't Gossip - Don't get yourself involve in gossip. believe me gossip. It's a domain of workers who have mindless jobs to do - Gossiping is the occupation of idle minds and not for those who wish to achieve greatness - those who haven't got enough work to do.

Go allout there and be productive this week - Stay sweet dearies


  1. Thanks bro - have a productive week as well

  2. thanks for sharing.i dont go wrong with no1



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